6 Underrated Cities That Deserve a Spot on Your US Itinerary

When planning a trip to the United States, popular destinations like New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas often top the list on itinerary. However, the USA is a vast and diverse country with countless hidden gems waiting to be discovered. In this blog, we will introduce you to six underrated cities that deserve a spot on your US itinerary. These cities offer unique experiences, rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures that will leave you with unforgettable memories. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the lesser-known treasures of America.

Charleston, South Carolina

Nestled along the scenic shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston, South Carolina, is a city steeped in history and Southern charm. Often overshadowed by its more famous neighbors, such as Savannah, Charleston offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and hospitality.

Charleston’s historic district boasts cobblestone streets, antebellum architecture, and lush gardens. You can explore the rich history of the city by visiting landmarks like the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens or the historic Fort Sumter National Monument, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

The culinary scene in Charleston is a true delight for foodies. Be sure to sample Lowcountry cuisine, which includes dishes like shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and freshly caught seafood. With its warm climate and beautiful beaches, Charleston is a year-round destination that should not be missed.

Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville, North Carolina, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, art lovers, and anyone seeking a creative and relaxed atmosphere. This vibrant city is often overshadowed by larger North Carolina cities like Charlotte and Raleigh.

Asheville is renowned for its craft beer scene, boasting more breweries per capita than any U.S. city. Explore the famous Biltmore Estate, a magnificent mansion built by George Vanderbilt, or hike along the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway for breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

The city’s artistic community thrives with numerous galleries, studios, and live music venues. Asheville’s unique blend of culture and nature makes it a hidden gem for those seeking a more laid-back and artistic American experience.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a city that often goes unnoticed in favor of nearby Santa Fe, but it has its own distinct charm and culture that should not be overlooked. Known for its vibrant Southwestern culture, Albuquerque offers a mix of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo influences.

One of the city’s main attractions is the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, where hundreds of hot air balloons fill the sky with a kaleidoscope of colors. Additionally, the Old Town Plaza, with its adobe-style buildings and historic churches, is a testament to the city’s rich history.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Sandia Mountains provide ample opportunities for hiking and mountain biking. Don’t forget to savor New Mexican cuisine, with dishes like green chile stew and enchiladas, which are a true taste of the region’s flavors. you must include this in your itinerary.

Louisville, Kentucky

Known primarily for the Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky, is an underrated city with a vibrant cultural scene, historic architecture, and a rich bourbon heritage. Beyond the racetrack, Louisville has plenty to offer.

The Louisville Mega Cavern, a former limestone cavern, has been transformed into an underground adventure park with zip lines, obstacle courses, and tram tours. History buffs can explore the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, where the famous baseball bats are made.

Louisville’s culinary scene is thriving, with a diverse range of restaurants and food festivals. The city is also home to the Urban Bourbon Trail, where you can sample some of the finest bourbons in the world.

Boise, Idaho

Boise, the capital of Idaho, is often overshadowed by more well-known western cities like Seattle and Portland. However, Boise has a charm all its own, offering a mix of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and a thriving culinary scene.

The Boise River Greenbelt is a 25-mile-long urban oasis for hiking, biking, and picnicking. The city is also a gateway to the nearby Boise National Forest and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Downtown Boise boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene, with galleries, theaters, and live music venues. Be sure to visit the historic Old Idaho Penitentiary and the Boise Art Museum. Foodies will appreciate the farm-to-table dining options and the city’s craft beer and wine scene.

Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island, is often overshadowed by its more famous New England neighbors, such as Boston and New York City. However, this charming city on Narragansett Bay has a unique character and history of its own.

The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts, featuring an impressive collection of art and design. You can also explore the historic East Side, known for its picturesque streets and colonial-era architecture.

Providence’s culinary scene is a hidden gem, with a diverse range of restaurants, food trucks, and markets. The city’s seafood, particularly its clam chowder and stuffies (stuffed clams), is a local favorite.


While the United States is known for its iconic cities, there are countless underrated destinations waiting to be explored and you can add those in your itinerary. From the Southern charm of Charleston to the artistic vibes of Asheville, the Southwest allure of Albuquerque to the bourbon heritage of Louisville, the outdoor adventures in Boise to the rich history of Providence, these six cities offer unique experiences that are often overlooked. So, when planning your next trip to the USA, consider adding these hidden gems to your itinerary for a truly memorable and diverse American adventure.

6 Underrated Cities That Deserve a Spot on Your US Itinerary
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