What to Eat in the Heart of Europe

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city steeped in history, culture, and, of course, delicious food. The city has a rich culinary tradition, and in 2023, there are more dining options than ever to satisfy your taste buds. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best places to eat in Prague, from fine dining establishments to charming local eateries. Whether you’re a foodie looking for an exquisite culinary experience or a budget traveler seeking affordable options, Prague has something to offer for everyone.

Exploring Prague’s Culinary Landscape

Traditional Czech Cuisine

To truly immerse yourself in the local food culture, you must start with traditional Czech cuisine. Some must-try dishes include:

1. Svíčková: This marinated beef with a creamy sauce is a classic Czech dish. Try it at Café Louvre for an authentic experience.

2. Trdelník: A sweet pastry rolled in cinnamon and sugar, commonly found at food stalls around the city.

3. Goulash: Hearty beef stew served with bread dumplings is a comforting choice for a chilly day.

4. Koleno: Pork knuckle roasted to crispy perfection, usually accompanied by sauerkraut and bread.

5. Smažený sýr: Fried cheese, a beloved Czech fast food item, often served with French fries and tartar sauce.

The Best Places to Eat in Prague

Prague has a burgeoning food scene, and here are some of the city’s top dining establishments:

1. La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise

Located in Prague’s Old Town, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers an exquisite tasting menu of Czech cuisine with a modern twist to eat. It’s a dining experience you won’t want to miss.

2. Lokál

For a more casual yet authentic experience, visit Lokál. It’s renowned for its Pilsner beer and traditional Czech dishes, and the bustling atmosphere is a perfect introduction to the local culture.

3. Café Savoy

If you’re searching for a delightful brunch or afternoon tea, Café Savoy is a charming choice. Located in a restored historic building, it exudes elegance and offers a delectable selection of pastries and traditional Czech dishes to eat.

4. Sansho

Craving a fusion of Asian and Czech flavors? Sansho is the place to go. It’s known for its inventive dishes and creative cocktails in a stylish setting.

5. U Kroka

If you’re looking for an authentic Czech pub experience, U Kroka should be on your list. It serves classic Czech dishes and a variety of beers, all in a cozy, rustic atmosphere.

Budget-Friendly Eateries

Prague also offers a range of affordable dining options for budget-conscious travelers. Here are some great cheap eats in Prague:

1. Havelská Koruna: A cafeteria-style eatery with a variety of Czech dishes at reasonable prices to eat.

2. Farmers’ Markets: Visit one of Prague’s markets, such as Naplavka or Jiřího z Poděbrad, to sample local produce and street food.

3. Hot Dog Stands: You can find hot dog stands throughout the city, offering a quick and inexpensive snack.

4. Pizzerias and Asian Restaurants: Opt for pizza or Asian cuisine in Prague for a cost-effective meal without sacrificing flavor.

5. Cafés: Prague is dotted with cozy cafés serving coffee and pastries, ideal for a budget-friendly breakfast or afternoon treat.

Dietary Preferences and International Cuisine

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Prague has seen an increase in vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes, such as:

– Maitrea: A popular choice offering a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes in a tranquil environment.

– Clear Head: This vegetarian restaurant focuses on healthy, plant-based meals that will satisfy any palate.

– Forky’s: A fast-food joint that specializes in vegan burgers, a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

International Cuisine

While exploring the city’s culinary delights, you can also indulge in international cuisines:

– Indian: Try the flavorful curries at restaurants like Dhaba Beas or Maharaja.

– Italian: Savor delicious pasta and pizza at spots like La Finestra or La Piccola Perla.

– Sushi: Prague offers several excellent sushi places, such as Sushi Time or Yami Sushi House.

– Mexican: For a taste of Mexico in Prague, head to Cantina.

Culinary Experiences

Apart from traditional dining, Prague offers unique culinary experiences that are worth exploring:

Beer Tasting: As the birthplace of Pilsner beer, Prague is the perfect place for beer enthusiasts. Join a beer tour to sample various Czech beers or visit a local brewery for a behind-the-scenes experience.

Food Tours: Sign up for a food tour to explore the city’s food scene guided by a local expert. You’ll get to taste a variety of dishes and learn about the history and culture of Prague through its food.

Cooking Classes: Learn to cook traditional Czech dishes with the help of a local chef. Cooking classes are a fun and educational way to take a piece of Prague back home with you.

Dining Etiquette: Before you venture out to enjoy Prague’s culinary offerings, it’s important to be aware of dining etiquette in the city. While tipping is customary, the percentage varies, so it’s wise to check the bill or ask the server for guidance. Also, reservations are often recommended for popular restaurants, especially during peak dining hours.

What to Eat in the Heart of Europe
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